Courroie de distribution crantée ronde

Courroie de distribution crantée ronde

Courroies rondes en polyuréthane

The good mesh of round tooth with a pulley allows high power transmission.
Lower noise levels are realized and its compact size can reduce costs.

Tooling machines, textile machinery, OA equipment, medical equipment, vending machines, household electrical appliances, measuring instruments, cars.

Belt types material: Polyurethane
Super Torque U: S2M, S3M
Star Max U (for printer carriage drive): ST83, ST111
Mega Torque (for low-speed, high-torque): MTS8M
Free Span Timing Belt: S5M, S8M
Long belts (up to 100m) are available. Polyurethane attachment can be made on back side of belt.

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