M.E.C. Transportbandes ® PVC-PU

M.E.C. Transportbandes ® PVC-PU

Nowadays conveyor belts with PVC coverings can be found in all kinds of industrial concerns and have become the most important part of the conveyer belt market. They are divided into two large families: those used in the industrial field and those used in the food field.

As well as PVC belts, our range includes conveyor belts with polyurethane coverings that are suitable for both industrial use and in the food sector. What is new about them is their working life, which is unquestionably longer than that of the common PVC belt.

PVC or polyurethane section bars can be fitted to all belt types, to meet all handling needs.

Rubriques :  Chaines - Courroies - Alignements - Equilibrage de tension

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