Courroie de transmission crantée

Courroie de transmission crantée

Timing belt / Transmission belt

Type: R(MR), Y(MY), ZBS, YU, RU, ZA, FS, ZD, ZR, ZAS, ZB, RHD, RHX, RPP, SL, etc.

1) Time belt type: 9.5X, AX, BX, CX, DX
2) Good and hight quality and long life.
3) Markets: Southeast Asia, East Europe, the United States and Canada
4) Materials: rubber, reinforced fiber, cloth
5) Used in machinery and equipment for sewing, food processing, offices and with small household electrical appliances.
6)Our timing belts are composed of closed round rubber, with teeth and attached belt or pulley. When working, teeth and trough are in harmony and one movement will cause transmission of teeth, chain, and belt.

Our products are awarded the certification of ISO9001:2000,ISO9002,GB/T,etc.

Rubriques :  Chaines - Courroies - Alignements - Equilibrage de tension

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