Courroie de transmission crantée

Courroie de transmission crantée

F. N. Sheppard Flex - Timing Belts are made to custom lengths ranging from 1.5 to 13.5 meters. Our unique manufacturing process provides you with the benefit of custom length belts with the additional power, strength and reliability of truly endless construction.

Truly Endless Design for greater loads and long life.

These belts are manufactured in an endless form for greater strength and longer life compared to spliced (welded belts). Truly endless construction is ideal for power transmission and high tension applications.

Steel reinforced urethane construction for improved durability.

Our steel reinforced urethane construction provides greater durability than neoprene belts. These belts exhibit excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. Steel cords provide exceptional strength, low stretch, and excellent flex-fatigue properties

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