X' set MB Banded Belts

X' set MB Banded Belts

Courroie de transmission trapézoïdale multibande

PIX Banded belts can be made by joining either Classical, Wedge or Narrow belts. Each band may contain the specified number of belts. We recommended maximum of five belts in one tie-band.

• Temperature range: -18ºC to +80ºC
• Antistatic, Oil and Heat resistant.
• ATEX certified FRAS belts are also available.

Banded belts are recommended under following conditions
• Severe vibrations
• Vertical shaft drives
• V-flat drives
• Agricultural drives
• Conveyer systems
• Stone crushers, reciprocating compressors, generator sets, pumps cold forging machine etc.

All PIX-X'set MB Banded belts are high power belts. While using these belts it is always recommended to use standard pulleys with a proper guard. Appropriate belt sitting can only be obtained if the pitch maintained for the belts and that of pulleys is the same. We recommend that the customer should get back to us with details before using banded belts to enable us to provide the best solution. Improper design using banded belts can lead to premature failure of the drive system.

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