Bandes transporteuses

Bandes transporteuses

N- Group with additional settings:
Types N-5108, N-5115, N-5120, N-5155

Available dimensions:

- Length: 170 mm to 4200 mm
- Width: 3 mm to 450 mm
- Thickness: 0,6 mm to 15 mm

Standard type:

- Running side: Neoprene or uncoated fabric
- Outside: Neoprene- or Polyurethane, silicone or natural rubber or soft foam coating

Typical combinations:

- Neoprene with Polyurethane (P-5100 or P-6100)
- Neoprene with Silicone (S-5100 or SK-5100)
- Neoprene with natural rubber (K-5100)
- Neoprene with soft foam coating and Polyurethane sealing

Rubriques :  Chaines - Courroies - Alignements - Equilibrage de tension

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