Série XH

Série XH

Courroie de transmission plate en polyamide et élastomère

Nitta's success with their Belt Poly range owes itself not only to the numerous years of experience in the transmission sector, but also to the implementation of the most modern methods of production which are continuously reviewed and updated.

The polyamid flat belts from Nitta consist of an excellent monofilament polyamide layer which gives them their strength with a special rubber cover for abrasion and wear resistance. Due to their excellent performance and durability, Nitta Belts Poly are ideal for such applications as textile or printing. A wide range of quality products has ensured that Nitta Belts Poly can be used in many other applications for which reliability along with ease of installation, low maintenance and minimal power loss are key factors.

The products of the XH series consist of a polyamide nylon core which is covered on both sides with a special synthetic rubber which has a high abrasion resistance. The tensioned belt ensures the high performance.
These belts can be identified by their resistance to abrasion, low noise emission, high resistance to oil and a good coefficient of friction. This combination makes this the ideal belt for folder gluer / box making machines.

Applications for Belts Poly:


By using it's years of experience which resulted in the development of a complete product range of flat belts, Nitta has identified the current and future requirements of the customers for this application.


The most modern textile machine manufacturers in the world today, place enormous value on the drive design of their equipment. Nitta manufactures exclusively with state of the art production methods and equipment. By implementing these, Nitta can concentrate on the critical factors involved in the production of a high quality product which can guarantee a precise spindle revolution, maximum lifetime as well as minimal noise levels and loss of power.

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