Calibreur acoustique

Calibreur acoustique

All Cirrus Research plc instruments, from the simple handheld Sound Level Meters, to the Airport and Environmental Noise Analysers are manufactured to meet the requirements of the relevant international standards.

In addition to this, all instruments are factory calibrated to ensure that the overall measurements are correct, and within the tolerances demanded by the standards.
Cirrus Research plc also provide a range of Acoustic Calibrator and adaptors suitable for the field calibration of instrumentation manufactured by the company.

Currently these include:
CR:511E Class 1L with 94dB & 104dB @ 1kHz
CR:511F Class 1L with 94dB & 104dB @ 1kHz with PTB Type Approval
CR:512 Class 1 with 94dB @ 1kHz

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